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County hall arts

County Hall Arts’ mission is to advance the education of people in the arts for the public benefit. The work of the charity centres in particular on music, film, literature, architecture, the culinary arts and agriculture. We believe the power of the arts informs and enhances societies beyond the boundaries of culture, geography and history. We are committed to a progressive, interconnected world that privileges wisdom and compassion.

The charity operates across a global footprint, providing financial assistance through grants to individuals in arts and culture and providing open spaces to facilitate growth and prosperity. County Hall Arts believes in the power of interdisciplinary knowledge and visionary ways of thinking and acting for the widest public benefit. The broad scope of the arts transcends borders and unifies people through creativity, work and the universal goal of perfection through passion.

Above all else...

“It is not how much we do, but how well. The will to do. The soul to dare”.
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