11/2/2023     |     Global

A Painter in Kyoto 11

What Stays and What Does Not Stay

Painter Yasemin Gava and filmmaker Tami Doncic once again met with Nihonga painter Hikari Koyama and potter Yuka Nishihisamatsu for the final preparations of their joint exhibition “What Stays and What Does Not Stay”.

Held at Ninna-Ji temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, from 19th November to 18th December 2022, “What Stays and What Does Not Stay” was an exhibition presenting paintings and ceramics, exploring themes such as traditional Japanese art, prayer, life and death. Preparation of the concept and exhibition pieces took Yuka Nishihisamatsu and Hikari Koyama two years respectively, with Yuka working on large and small ceramic pieces inspired by Japanese temples, shrines and armour, and Hikari preparing large paintings and smaller pieces based on traditional Nihonga principles inspired predominantly by nature. They also exhibited joint pieces, a collection of autumnal bells based on tradition Japanese summer wind bells, with Yuka designing the ceramic “bell” and Hikari designing the painted “falling leaves”.

The exhibition was not affiliated with County Hall Arts.

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