28/04/2021     |     Film

Acorns Episode 1

Follow along as these three small acorns start their journey. Kella, Parva and Hondo are ejected from their home tree and must go on a journey to find a place to plant and transform into mighty oak trees.

Created by American-Japanese animation studio Tonko House, the Acorns project is the story of three small acorns on a journey to become great oak trees. Its creators hope their tale inspires curiosity in children throughout the world.

Kella - Dashiell Furnish
Parva - Senju Tsutsumi
Hondo - Ellie Dutton
Studio Teacher - Carolyn Crimley

Produced by Megan Bartel & Ryusuke Villemin
Written & Directed by Bradley Furnish
Based on the original idea by Robert Kondo
Animation - Toshi Nakamura
Editing - Bradley Furnish
Visual Effects - Ryusuke Villemin & Toshi Nakamura
Original Score - Zach Johnston & Matteo Roberts

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