24/11/2021     |     Seed To Table

Hannah & Tomoko - CASTING

County Hall Arts is seeking an actress with a passion for cooking (or indeed a cook with a passion for acting) to play the role of ‘Hannah’ in the proposed feature film ‘Hannah & Tomoko’.

The story...

Wise and resourceful beyond her years, talented chef Hannah Flynn (20s) returns from Kyoto where she grew up to start a Japanese diner on the South Bank of the River Thames.

Hannah’s kindness, love of cooking and, above all, her 'Heart of Gold’ attract some unlikely but well-meaning helpers along the way.

A quintessential ‘East Meets West’ story, Hannah’s cooking journey will continue on to Madrid, San Sebastian and beyond in subsequent films - taking in a series of real-life restaurants, diners and kitchens...

Hannah in more detail...

Hannah’s mother, who ran a noodle diner with her best friend in Kyoto, died when she was young. That friend, Tomoko, went on to raise Hannah like a daughter and taught her how to cook Kyoto street food.

Now, in her 20s, Hannah is a confident young chef and entrepreneur. She's also trusting, optimistic and kind and will go out of her way to help anyone in need, not for pride or thanks or reciprocation, but simply because it's the right thing to do - as her mother and Tomoko taught her throughout her life.

We would ask interested candidates to submit their CV and a cover letter setting out their culinary passions as well as any real ‘East Meets West / West Meets East’ life experience to the following email address: hannah@countyhallarts.com

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