Sculpture is a timeless and pure form of artistic expression - as timeless and pure as the love between a husband and wife.

Following on from the Symphony Fufu competition and the commissioning of two ‘Peace’ Sculptures, County Hall Arts (CHA) is delighted to announce its latest concours - calling for the creation of a timeless ‘Fufu' Sculpture.

‘Fufu’ (or ‘夫婦’) means 'husband and wife’ or 'married couple’ in Japanese.

CHA wishes to celebrate the many ‘fufu’ who have touched all of our lives - be they parents or grandparents, or whether we’re one half (or the other!) of such a couple.

Love and companionship enduring and prospering over decades, through thick and thin.

Therefore sculptors are invited to submit proposals (comprising of a 3D or 5D design) for a work themed around ‘Fufu’, depicting such a husband and wife. The winner who is ultimately selected will be commissioned to make their sculpture in return for a first prize of €50,000 (plus the cost of materials). Two runners-up will also be awarded a cash prize of €1,500.

The proposed sculpture should be 1.5 meters tall and composed of natural, non-synthetic materials — specifically wood, stone, ceramics or bronze. We will consider a range of styles.

The competition is open for submissions from 19th April 2024 through to 15th July 2024.

Sculpture has had a strong presence at County Hall since the building’s beginnings some 100 years ago. Work by early 20th century sculptors Ernest Cole and Alfred Hardiman which adorn the exterior of the building are amongst the most eye-catching sights on the South Bank.

The two ‘Peace’ sculptures (created by Cathy Lewis and by Houssam el Ghallal) commissioned further to the previous CHA concours will be installed later this year.

You can see images of these ‘works-in-progress’ via this link while existing sculptures with links to County Hall can be seen below.

“Love at first sight is easy to understand; it’s when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle” — Sam Levenson

Before you fill in the Submission Form, please read the Terms and Conditions.


In addition to the 3D or 5D designs referenced above (plus accompanying statement), entrants should submit a CV/biography and a selection of images of previous work.

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