24/02/2021     |     Music

Hot Mochi

“Mochi rice rise pop! Tasty with soya sauce!”

Ichi is an experimental singer-songwriter, instrument-maker and performance artist with an enchanting taste for mochi. With the help of his two young sons, Ichi’s passions merge into one as he sets about composing a musical performance with the hope of introducing others to the wonders of making and enjoying this traditional Japanese rice cake.

Having grown up on Mukaishima Island in Japan, Ichi is hugely influenced by the experiences of his youth and his first encounters with the traditional practices used to make mochi, and it was one distinctive childhood memory that inspired Ichi to make his song “Hot Mochi”. Combining his beloved memories and the physicality of mochitsuki with his musical talents on a range of instruments, Ichi composes a high-spirited melody that forms the backdrop to a captivating and lively performance.

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