12/02/2021     |    Global

Kodai and Associates

“We are conscious of creating ever-flowing spaces that have a story to tell regardless of project type or scale.”

Founded by Yuichi Kodai (Japan) and Claudia Maggi (UK-Italy) in 2017, kodai and associates is a visionary architectural studio offering a wide range of services. Originally established in Kyoto, Japan, the studio has since moved to Zürich, Switzerland where Kodai and Claudia continue to operate their unique and innovative practice. kodai and associates value open dialogue with clients as a vital factor in ensuring their work meets the highest standards, and they are continually guided by the principle “collaboration is always the key aspect of realizing a successful project.” Kodai and Claudia’s work is the product of years of training and professional experience. Each graduated from the Architectural Association School in London and subsequently gained professional experience with leading firms in the industry as they worked on numerous projects around the world.

These experiences in architecture, art and landscape design now find shared expression and purpose in the studio’s innovative and captivating approach as they develop key projects in London, Madrid, Tokyo and Kyoto. kodai and associates are regular collaborators with County Hall Arts.

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