19/02/2021     |     Global

Lucky & Joy

“I’m not pretending to be the world’s expert on Chinese food. I’ve definitely got my own style.”

Lucky & Joy is the brainchild of head chef Ellen Parr, a unique restaurant where she gathers fiery spices and exciting flavours from China’s farthest regions. Whether it’s Xinjiang in the north-west or Yunnan in the south, Ellen’s mission is to bring these rich gastronomic sensations back to East London.

Having worked as a chef for twelve years, a desire to innovate her style and an unwavering passion for Chinese cuisine and culture drove Ellen across the globe, from South London to New York and from there to a number of Chinese provinces, all with the goal of immersing herself in new tastes and techniques that could be shared back at home through her own cooking. This short film delves into Ellen’s idiosyncratic passion, but also explores the practical conception of her restaurant as well as her inspiring effort to make hundreds of free meals for NHS staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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