01/03/2021     |     Seed to table

Making Mochi

Keiko has always worked hard to provide the best for her children, not least her daughter Anna. While Anna finds herself in between studies, she works alongside her mother and they explore a shared heritage through cooking together and making mochi.

Keiko’s greatest priority was always ensuring her children were able to focus on their education. Anna, now approaching adulthood, finds herself joining her mother in the kitchen and embarking on a journey to discover the foods and culinary practices that Keiko holds close to her heart. Working side by side, Keiko hopes to guide her daughter through a new and exciting world of cultural experiences. The art of making mochi is a curious, unique and often sticky process, but it is through her love of cooking, along with a lifetime of recipes and love for her family, that Keiko can share a new chapter with her daughter as the pair bond over their enchanting appreciation for food.

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