Sculpture has been a form of human expression dating back to prehistoric times and is an art form which must be preserved.

As timeless is mankind’s search for lasting peace - a goal which at this moment in history may seem as distant as ever.

To that end, County Hall Arts (CHA) is delighted to announce its very first Sculpture Concours with the theme of ‘Peace'.

Sculptors are invited to submit proposals for a ‘Peace’ themed sculpture which we hope will serve as a symbol of our never-ending quest for global peace in these uncertain and unsettling times.

Submissions should comprise of a 3D or 5D design. The chosen winner will be commissioned to make the real sculpture in return for a first prize of €50,000 (plus the cost of materials). Two runners-up will also be awarded a cash prize of €1,500.

The proposed sculpture should be 1.5 meters tall and composed of natural, non-synthetic materials — specifically wood, stone or bronze. We will consider a range of styles.

The competition is open for submissions from 1st June 2023 through to 30th August 2023.

Sculpture has been central to London’s County Hall since its construction over 100 years ago. The work by early 20th century sculptors Ernest Cole and Alfred Hardiman which adorn the exterior of the building are amongst the most eye-catching sights on the renowned South Bank.

The nearby Jubilee Gardens Memorial was created by sculptor Ian Walter to honour the Britons who fought with the International Brigades in 1930s Spain. (Walter’s tribute to Nelson Mandela is placed on the approach to the neighbouring Royal Festival Hall.)

Meanwhile, visitors to County Hall are greeted by the Holy Mother sculpture in the building’s main entrance hall.

You can see images of some of these existing sculptures with links to County Hall below.

Before you fill in the Submission Form, please read the Terms and Conditions.

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