©Kirsti Beautyman, Picture Hooks mentee in 2017
11/02/2021     |     Literature

Picture Hooks

© Kirsti Beautyman, Picture Hooks mentee in 2017  

Picture Hooks is an Edinburgh-based charity providing opportunities for emerging picture book illustrators with the goal of helping them develop their talents and gain access to the world of children’s publishing. With support from County Hall Arts, the program offers a wide variety of creative opportunities for illustrators throughout the UK and beyond, including its mentoring scheme, masterclasses, new exhibition platforms and a number of competitions held throughout the year.

The Picture Hooks mentoring scheme allows aspiring illustrators to be carefully paired with established industry professionals so they may receive one-to-one guidance and evolve new techniques and methods. Additional masterclasses offer further guidance and opportunities for creative and professional development.

The organisation is devoted to promoting the work of illustrators and uses its online platforms as well as a number of physical spaces to exhibit work. Previous exhibitions include the Scottish National Gallery and other prestigious art venues across the UK. Picture Hooks holds a number of competitions, including the popular “From Seed To Table” competition, offering more opportunities for illustrators to demonstrate their talent.

©Maisie Paradise Shearring, Picture Hooks mentee in 2015
© Maisie Paradise Shearring, Picture Hooks mentee in 2015   
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