LANDSCAPE PAINTING Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) relate to a landscape painting competition (“Competition”), which County Hall Arts (“the Charity”, “We”, or “Us”) intends to run ‘Riverside Views’.
  2. By entering the Competition, You (“You” or “Your”) are accepting these Terms and Conditions, and You acknowledge that the Terms & Conditions may be changed (whether verbally, in writing or otherwise) by the Charity at any time at its sole discretion.
  3. The Competition is open to all artists – amateur, professional or hobbyists who as at 9th August 2021 are aged 16 or over. You will, upon request, provide the Charity with supporting documentation in order to substantiate this.,
  4. If You are under 18 on 9th August 2021, You will need Your parents or legal guardian to complete the application form and if You are chosen as a Finalist, You will need to be accompanied at each stage by an adult.
  5. Employees, officers, directors and agents of the Charity, or any of their respective licensees, assigns, parents, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and the immediate family or members of their households are not eligible to participate in the Competition or this application process.
  6. The Competition opens at 12pm UK time (midday) on Monday 9th August 2021 and closes at 12pm UK time (midday) on Sunday 31st October 2021 (“the Closing Date”). Entries received after that date and time will not be considered. The Charity reserves the right in its absolute discretion to extend the Closing Date for a reasonable period of time and in these circumstances, the date on which the Charity elects to close the Competition shall be the Closing Date.
  7. To enter the Competition, You must complete and submit the application form online at countyhallarts.com (“the Competition Website”) and upload:
    a. One photograph of a landscape painting created by You of a view from the Southbank of the River Thames from between Westminster Bridge and Jubilee Gardens (“the Riverside View Entry”) - This image must show the complete painting, and You must send no more than one image of the Riverside View Entry.
    b. One photograph of You painting the Riverside View Entry from the Southbank of the River Thames.
    (Each photograph uploaded should be up to a maximum size of 5mb, photographs of a greater size may not be able to be uploaded.)
  8. Only one entry can be submitted per person. Entries on behalf of another person will not be accepted.
  9. The images of the Riverside View Entry must not be manipulated in any way and must be of the work of art submitted for consideration.
  10. The Riverside View Entry submitted must be a painting of a landscape vista as viewed from the Southbank across the River Thames from outside London County Hall between Westminster Bridge and Jubilee Gardens, and can be produced in any material excluding photography, video, sculpture and all forms of digital media. The work may be abstract or expressive as long as it is recognisably a representation of a landscape that has been produced within the competition period. It should be a maximum of 100cm x 75cm and a minimum of 31cm x 23cm.
  11. We reserve the right to disqualify Your entry if:
    a. Your entry is incomplete;
    b. You do not meet the entry criteria;
    c. You are not eligible to enter the Competition;
    d. You cannot be contacted;
    e. You do not respond within 48 hours of being contacted by Us in relation to Your Competition entry; or
    f. You are not reasonably available to participate in the required filming.
  12. The Charity’s decision on these and all other matters is final and binding in all respects, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  13. If You have any questions about how to enter or in connection with the Competition, please email Us at competition@countyhallarts.com with "Riverside Views Competition" in the subject line.

The Competition: Exhibition

  1. A panel of Judges will review the Riverside View Entry(s) from all the valid Competition entries and select up to 15 artists who will be invited to participate in the Exhibition (“the Finalists”).
  2. The Charity intends (but does not guarantee) to cause the staging of an exhibition of artworks created during the Competition (“the Exhibition”).
  3. The Charity will notify before the end of October 2021 or such other date as the Charity at its absolute discretion shall elect (“the Notification Date”), and will on the Notification Date (or soon after, at the Charity’s discretion) confirm the dates and locations and times for each of the Finalists will be required to attend the Exhibition, and will request verification of their eligibility to enter the Competition.
  4. If You are chosen as a Finalist, you will be required to bring Your original Riverside View Entry to the location of the Exhibition.
  5. Paintings must be unframed, and substitutes cannot be accepted. Your original Riverside View Entry, on request, must be given to the Charity on loan until the end of the Exhibition. If Your original Riverside View Entry is not available when required, the Charity reserves the right to disqualify You.
  6. All of the criteria for judging and the decisions of the Judges shall be at the discretion of the Judges and the Producer and shall not be not open to dispute or discussion.

The Competition: The Winner

  1. The Judges will review the Riverside View Entries on display at the Exhibition and at the end select an overall Winner (“the Winner”). The Winner will be announced on the final day of the Exhibition, but the Charity reserves the right to announce the Winner at a later date and at a different location.
  2. During this judging process all of the criteria for judging and the decisions of the Judges shall be at the discretion of the Judges and the Charity and shall not be open to dispute or discussion.

The Competition: The Prize

  1. The Winner will receive a taxable prize of £10,000 (ten thousand pounds) (“the Winner’s Prize”). The Winner’s Prize shall be payable, subject to the Winner’s full compliance with the terms and conditions of the Competition, within 30 days of selection.
  2. Two runners up will be chosen each of whom shall receive a taxable prize of £1,000 (one thousand pounds) (“the Runners Up Prizes”).
  3. If You are chosen as the Winner, You must be available to attend the Winner’s Prize ceremony at the Exhibition (“the Ceremony”) on exact dates to be determined by the Charity. You agree to allow this process to be filmed for  intended (but not guaranteed) inclusion in a documentary film (“the Documentary”) to be viewable on the County Hall Arts Website. The Charity will have the right to film You at the Ceremony and the Exhibition, in Your home/studio at work and at any other necessary locations. While the Charity will work with You to find mutually agreeable dates, You agree to make Yourself available on date(s) to be provided.
  4. It is the Charity’s intention (but is not guaranteed) that the winning Riverside View Entry (“the Winning Entry”) will be displayed to the public at London County Hall for a period of time determined by the Charity.
  5. The Winner’s Prize and the Runners Up Prizes cannot be exchanged by You or transferred by You and cannot be redeemed by You for any other prize. The Winner’s Prize may generally be amended and/or supplemented at the Charity’s discretion, and if you are the Winner, You acknowledge that the Winner’s Prize and the Runners Up Prizes shall be as it is in its final form as advised by the Charity. If the Winner rejects the Winner’s Prize or otherwise fails to attend the Exhibition and Ceremony such dates and times and locations required by the Charity, then the Charity reserves the right to take the Winner’s Prize away from the Winner and the Charity shall be entitled to select another Winner.

Your Commitment

  1. If You are chosen as a Finalist, you must be available for the Exhibition and potential filming during December 2021 and/or January 2022, notwithstanding any date confirmation provided on or around the Notification Date. The Charity reserves the right to add and/or further alter dates where desirable.
  2. If You are chosen as a Finalist, and in addition to the dates required above, You agree to be available:
    a. To attend the unveiling of the Winning Entry on dates and times and at a location to be provided to you if your attendance is requested; and/or
    b. If an Exhibition is staged, to attend a reasonable number of dates of the Exhibition.

Other Rules

  1. Entries for the Competition will be acknowledged on receipt, but the Charity accepts no responsibility whatsoever for entries that are lost, delayed, misdirected, damaged in transit or incomplete or cannot be delivered or entered for any technical or other reason. Proof of delivery of the entry is not proof of receipt.
  2. You are responsible for the cost (if any) of creating Your Riverside Views Entry and generally with respect to submitting your application to the Competition and sending it to Us, as well as all other costs associated with Your participation in the Competition.
  3. By entering the Competition, You agree to the collection, retention, usage and distribution of Your personal information in order to process and contact You about Your Competition entry. The information You supply in connection with Your Competition entry (including Your personal details):
    a. may be included in a database compiled for the Exhibition and will only be used for the purposes related to the production, exploitation and/or promotion of the Documentary and/or the Exhibition or otherwise by the Charity;
    b. may be used for inclusion and/or read out in the Documentary; and
    c. will not be supplied to third parties other than as is reasonably necessary for purposes related to the arrangement and co-ordination of the Exhibition.
    All personal details will be held and processed in accordance with all relevant UK laws and regulations.
  4. All information supplied (including personal details) in Your entry or otherwise provided must be truthful, accurate, complete and in no way misleading. We reserve the right to disqualify You if You have supplied untruthful, inaccurate, misleading or incomplete personal details and/or information, have failed to abide by the rules of the Competition, and/or are in breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or act in some way which We believe will bring the Charity into disrepute and/or impair the integrity of the Competition generally.
  5. You will not without the Charity’s prior written consent
    disclose, publicise or discuss with any third party and/or otherwise publish or transmit (on any platform, including all forms of social media) any information or photographs relating to the Competition, Your participation in the Exhibition or the Documentary nor any other information which may come to Your attention (including without limitation in relation to the Charity or otherwise) save where such information is already public knowledge. Breach of confidentiality is a serious matter and the Charity reserves the right to disqualify You if You disclose any confidential information.
  6. In the event that You are chosen as a Finalist, You and anyone You intend to bring with You to the Exhibition may be filmed for the Documentary.
  7. Prior to, and as a condition of, Your participation in the Exhibition, you will be required to sign a separate Contributor Agreement and any other further agreements as may be requested by the Charity (together, “the Agreement”). The Agreement will provide, among other things, that in consideration of Your participation in the Documentary, the Charity will own all of the rights in the Documentary including Your contribution which will be freely available for worldwide broadcast and all other media purposes without any payment to You. The Agreement will also set out Your obligations with regard to the Charity and any sponsors of the Competition, the rules and regulations relating to the Exhibition, and will set out in detail the rights in the Riverside View Entries (indicated briefly for information below, but subject to any amendments or additions as may be included in this Agreement) which You will grant to the Charity. The terms of the Agreement will be materially in accordance with the terms and conditions set out here but the Charity reserves the right to include any additional or different terms in the Agreement which it determines, at its discretion, to be desirable or necessary. The Winner and Runners Up shall licence the following to the Charity in respect of their Riverside View Entry.
    a. The right to include the artwork in footage recorded for the Documentary;
    b. The right (and the right to authorise third parties) to exploit the Documentary or any part thereof (which may contain footage in which the artwork included) in all media throughout the world without liability or account or reference to you;
    c. The right (and the right to authorise third parties) to reproduce images of the artwork for postcards, prints, posters and other products or publications (digital or hardcopy) for exploitation and distribution throughout the world for any purpose associated with the Competition, whether on a commercial basis or not without liability or account or reference to you; and
    d. The right to use or include the artwork in any licensing and merchandising (including without limitation, publishing and online) in all media throughout the world related to the Competition, whether on a commercial basis or not without liability or account or reference to you.
    e. In addition, the copyright in the Winning Entry will be fully assigned to the Charity by way of the Agreement.
  8. The Finalists may be required for promotional activity related to the Exhibition and/or sponsors and partners (which may include, without limitation, those persons presence and/or services as a marketing competition prize, and recorded and/or transcribed interviews for use on sponsor websites and marketing materials) and shall participate in all such activities on the Charity’s request without compensation. The Finalists consent to the use by the Charity, both before and after the closing date of the Competition for an unlimited time, of any content produced pursuant to the above obligation, their voice, image, photograph and name for publicity purposes(in any medium, including still photographs and films, and on the internet, including any websites hosted by the Charity and/or sponsors, marketing partners or other entities connected with the Exhibition) and in advertising, marketing or promotional material without additional compensation or prior notice, and by entering the Competition, all entrants consent to the same.
  9. By submitting an entry to the Competition, You grant to the Charity in relation to all of the materials submitted by You (including without limitation any paintings, drawings, photographs or video submitted, including Your Riverside Views Entry) (the “Materials”):
    a. the right (but not the obligation) to record footage and images of You and the Materials generally and throughout the Competition (“Footage”);
    b. all necessary rights and consents for the full period of copyright (and afterwards so far as possible in perpetuity) to exhibit/make available at the Charity’s sole discretion the Footage and the Materials in any way and in any media and means (now known or hereafter devised) throughout the world;
    c. a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use and publish the Footage and/or Materials in electronic format (including on the Charity’s websites) for purposes connected with the Competition (but without any the obligation to so do); and
    d. the right to use Your name, photograph and town or city of residence for the sole purpose of identifying You as the author of Your Competition entry and/or a Finalist of the Competition.
  10. The Charity shall be free to assign or license the Charity’s rights in the Footage and/or Materials without Your prior consent and under no circumstances shall You be entitled to injunct or restrain the transmission or use of the Footage or Materials (or any part of it).
  11. You irrevocably and unconditionally waive any so-called “moral rights” in the Footage and/or the Materials (whether arising under sections 77 to 85 (inclusive) or sections 205(C) to 205(N) (inclusive) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 or otherwise) as You now have or may acquire and You undertake not to institute, support, maintain or permit any action or lawsuit in any part of the world on the grounds that the Footage and/or the Materials and/or or the Documentary in any way constitute an infringement of Your moral rights or on the grounds that the Footage and/or Materials have been subjected to a derogatory treatment.
  12. You warrant that You own the copyright to Your Riverside Views Entry as its author, and that You own and can grant all rights in Your Materials as required under these Terms and Conditions. You also warrant that the Materials shall not contain any material that constitutes an infringement of copyright of a third party.
  13. The Charity accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by You as a result of Your entering into the Competition. The Charity further disclaim liability for any injury or damage to You or Your Materials relating to or resulting from downloading or delivering such Materials.
  14. The Charity accepts no responsibility for any damage to any Artworks during the period such artwork are within the Charity’s or any third party’s possession and in transit to and from the Charity and/ any such third party. You agree that neither the Charity nor any third party shall have any liability to You in this regard.
  15. If You cannot be contacted within a reasonable time period (up to 72 hours) from being contacted, or are not able or available to participate in the Exhibition in accordance with the Charity’s requirements for any reason, then the Charity reserves the right to award a place in the Exhibition to another entrant. If a Finalist is not available to be nominated as the Winner for any reason, then the Charity reserves the right to nominate another entrant.
  16. The Charity reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this Competition with or without prior notice, and the Charity shall have no liability to You or anyone else in this event for any reason whatsoever.
  17. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude the Charity’s liability for death, personal injury, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation as a result of the Charity’s negligence.
  18. The Competition and these Terms and Conditions will be governed by English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Organiser of the Competition: County Hall Arts, of Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB

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