SOBA Restaurant in UKRAINE - Call For Chef

County Hall Arts is seeking a dedicated Chef to open and run a Soba restaurant in Kyiv (and subsequently Odesa) in Ukraine. The venture will have the charity's full financial support.

Soba cooking culture dates back to Japan’s Edo period - and remains popular to this day, whether in casual dining settings or upmarket specialty restaurants.

Soba noodles (served hot, cold or as part of a soup) are made from buckwheat flower, a plant-based protein source which is also linked to improved heart health, blood sugars and cancer prevention.

The planned restaurant(s) will also serve another Japanese staple, Yakitori, which is again renowned for its versatility.

To this end, it CHA wishes to bring a healthy new ‘East Meets West’ cuisine to Kyiv and Odesa - widening the cultural experience available to the local population.

Ultimately, our goal would be to grow and source all buckwheat for the restaurants in Ukraine - developing a sustainable business and an economic benefit wider than the restaurant itself.

We would ask interested candidates to submit a cover letter setting out their interest in cross culture cooking and their CV to the following email address:

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