A nation resplendent with beautiful landscapes, a rich past and a vibrant culture, Spain has given much to the world, not least its food, its music and its literature. Spanish is the world’s second most common native language spoken by some 486 million people and the Spanish people are renowned for their hospitality, warmth and passion.

From the striking natural landscapes of the Camino de Santiago to the stunning architecture of Museo del Prado, from Cervantes’ timeless Don Quixote to Picasso’s masterpieces, from Valencia’s paella to the pintxos of San Sebastián, Spain’s past, present and future consistently bewitch and compel. As Alfonso X de Castilla (13th century King of Castile, León and Galicia) commented: "España es como el paraíso de Dios” ("Spain is like God’s Paradise”).

But Spain is also a place of textures, specificities and diversity. Cities as varied as Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla each speak to the above in their own, distinctive way, and the inheritances of almost eight ancient centuries of Moorish rule still echo through the ages into the present day.

County Hall Arts (CHA) is delighted to announce its latest concours in honour of this great nation and great people. Classical music composers are invited to submit proposals for the Symphony España with the opportunity to share in a prize pool of over €200,000.

Proposals should be inspired by and reflect Spain, its history and its culture, evoking the passion and hope which speaks to the country’s dramatic past and worldwide imprint.

The first stage of the competition invites composers to submit a short "pitch document" (up to 3 pages, this may be text and/or image-based) setting out their vision for this classically composed Symphony España. In addition, please supply an audio file or link to an earlier composition, a previous sample score composed for an orchestra or large ensemble and a biography/CV.

The concours is open for these 'first stage' submissions from 1st August 2023 through to 31st October 2023.

A selection of entrants will be long-listed and invited to create their symphony for a second stage of adjudication, with the winner due to be awarded a prize of €100,000. A prize of €50,000 is on offer tor the second placed composition, €30,000 for third place. Up to three other finalists will each be awarded €10,000.

Spain's identity has evolved by way of a range of unique historical events. Nevertheless, there are strong parallels between Spanish history and the history of other European countries, and Spain has played a vital role in some of the most enduring episodes in modern European history.

Against this background, legendary artists and creators unique to Spanish culture have flourished and it is our hope that Symphony España will provide the opportunity for an international artist of a similar calibre to emerge.

Before you fill in the Submission Form, please read the Terms and Conditions.


Document File Formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx
Audio File Formats: .mp3, .m4a,.wav, wma, .mp4a

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