07/06/2021     |     Music

Takeda Lullaby

Originating in Kyoto Japan, this traditional lullaby is reimagined here by Irish musician Patrick Dexter with his sister Eilís singing with him and his father John Dexter accompanying on piano. A song about home and longing, this is a particularly poignant performance as it marks the first time Patrick was able to play live with his father in over a year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Takeda Lullaby"

This work is hard and lonely, and I am growing tired
Outside the snow is falling, and the baby cries
How can I be happy, even when o-Bon is here?
I have no silk or satin, I have no shoes to wear
Hush, little baby, sleep now, let me dry your tears
May you sleep ‘til morning, for I need to rest
I would quickly leave here, back to my family home
Over the mountain, is where I want to be
Over the mountain, is where I want to be

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