23/02/2021     |     Music

The Strings

The acquisition and refurbishment of a historic space in central London for the purpose of opening a culturally unique restaurant might seem like a daunting challenge, especially when a global pandemic comes as part of the equation. But The Strings Spanish classical guitar and tapas restaurant goes ahead with its ambitious development.

From a bare canvas to a worldly yet homely setting, the creative team behind this venture share their personal connections to this enterprise and their aspirations for the future of the project. Post-lockdown London will need new venues and new areas of entertainment. The Strings captures an intriguing world where music and food merge within a sophisticated and stylish space. Such a transformation is an ambitious endeavour in a persistently uncertain climate, but The Strings also embodies the ambitious and hopeful perspective of a city undergoing metamorphosis as it draws back the curtain on a unique exhibition of culture through music and food.

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