27/6/2022     |     Music

Your Name Is

If the essence of romance is not love (as we often fool ourselves it is) but longing, then this haunting song is as romantic as they come. Nature and the heavenly presence of the moon and sea are almost enough to assuage the singer’s sense of isolation and her desire for “someone”, but ultimately we sense her need for soulful connection with another persists.

The song is performed here by Patrick Dexter along with his sister Eilís Dexter.

"Your Name Is"

Your name is someone and I don't even know that someone's name
At daytime I'm the only one who comes to the sand dunes and listens to the beach

The full moon has come out at the end of the unforgettable sea
The scent of Hamayu's flowers and the mermaid's tears of pearls

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