9/7/2024     |     Pottery & Sculpture



Following its opening in May and its inaugural exhibition Beyond the Kiln, County Hall Pottery proudly presents its second exhibition Metamorphic that will run from 8th July to 1st September 2024 at County Hall.

This captivating array of work delves into the transformative potential of stone within contemporary ceramics. Curated by Alex Simpson, the exhibit's title references the natural processes behind the formation of metamorphic rocks, and the exhibition will showcase the innovative techniques employed by five artists to manipulate both geological and industrial materials.

Matthew Blakely creates vessels entirely from clays and rocks he has collected across the country, re-establishing connection between pottery and place. Place is also important to Alison Cooke who utilises clay sourced from historically and geologically significant sites and to Tim Copsey who incorporates materials from his hometown to evoke a sense of memory and childhood.

Time, place and experience are also explored in Caz Hildebrand’s work situated at the intersection between archaeology, architecture and art. Meanwhile, Dean Muller transforms waste building materials and natural ceramics, challenging traditional notions of status and value and inviting reconsideration of the mundane.

For more information, visit www.countyhallpottery.com

The collection invites viewers to consider the lifecycle of materials such as stone and brick, and each artist's work explores how the transformation of materials and the labour involved can impact a creation's social and environmental significance. The result is a collection of extraordinary objects.

County Hall Pottery itself is a groundbreaking initiative brought about to transform London's historic County Hall into a vibrant ceramics destination. Located on London’s South Bank overlooking the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, County Hall Pottery marks a new chapter in the revitalisation of this historic site.

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